Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fact vs. Opinion

Last week, we began our opinion writing unit. To start, we talked about how to tell if something is a fact or an opinion.

I gave them a list of sentences and they had to decide if it was a fact or an opinion and explain why.

Let's just say, 3rd graders are hilarious and can be fantastically blunt, creative, and honest and their answers had me, my assistant, and a specialist pushing in laughing so hard!

My teachers are really cool:
"well not all teachers are cool"
"not all of my teachers are really cool"
"some kids think teachers are lame"
"grown ups are not cool"
"they are annoying sometimes"
"cause they don't even look cool"
"i think meh..."
Teachers are adults:
"they might not be married"
"because I never met a not adult teacher"
"because you have to be over 18"
"because you have to pass a college application to be a teacher"
"because you have to prove you're smart"
"kids can't teach kids"
"teachers are adults maybe not the assistants"
"because they have phones"
"because they have control over people"
"because they talk about weird stuff"
"that's just how it is"
My school is the best school in the entire world:
"because that is not true"
"i've seen better quality"
What I know is a fact? I LOVE my third graders!
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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

They are awesome! These really cracked me up this morning!

mail4rosey said... {Reply}

That is a fun way to get the kids happy to be involved. I love it!

Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

It just cracks me up to read these - so witty!

Deanna said... {Reply}


Lr Jamison said... {Reply}

Omg, from the mouth of babes! The things that kids say are so hilarious. Love this post!

Clairejustine oxox said... {Reply}

Haha, kids say some funny things. Lovely post :)

abrianna said... {Reply}

My favorite is the comment about my school is the best and the one who said that they have seen better quality.

I used a sentence to illustrate why punctuation is important:

"Lets eat Shadow Oreo and Skittles". I then used that sentence to show how importnat a little thing like a comma makes a huge difference. I also saw a sentence that illustrates the same concept wonderfully but it is for adults:

"Grammar: The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit." But can't be used in a classroom setting, unfortunately.

Dara @ Not In Jersey said... {Reply}

perfect answers! Are your third graders extremely literal or is that just my Zachary?

jandi said... {Reply}

oh, these are great! love the one about the school... i've seen better quality!

Kim said... {Reply}

Those kids are a "MESS" as we say in the south! Too funny.