Sunday, August 2, 2009

"I thought I'd never laugh again. Then I saw your jacket"

After September 11th the New Yorker stopped including all those wonderful comics. There was much debate over wether or not they should begin to re-include them. Eventually the New Yorker realized that by not beginning to laugh again it would be letting the terrorists win. So on October 1, 2001 this comic was featured in the New Yorker. 

Well, the past two weeks have been, sucky, to be honest. Mom and I are having a hard time coming to terms with what has come to be in our lives. We miss Zayda more than we imagined. We are sad and have been living in a fog. We decided to kick our rear ends into gear and get out and have fun, because that is what Zayda would have wanted of us to do.

So what did we do to kick our lives back into gear and have fun? First we hung up some art work! It is amazing, it makes it feel even more like our home and it is great to not have so many white walls! We are still working hard on settling in and finishing those last annoying organization steps.

Then today we went on 3 adventures! First we went to Kykuit Mansion. It was owned by the Rockafeller family. The grounds are amazing, complete with views of the Hudson, views of the counties gorgeous hills, a golf course, and sweeping landscapes. The house is an amazing mansion with an amazing art collection. Modern art, sculptures, paintings, it is amazing. There is a full gallery in the basement under the gardens, to bad no photography was allowed inside!

Then the rain changed our plans to go to the Indian Cultural Festival so we went in search of the new gluten free bakery in Briarcliff Manor. We made it in the POURING rain with 5 minutes to closing. I treated myself to an open face s'more, which I devoured. I also bought a blueberry muffin, a lemon-poppy seed muffin, and a mini banana bread loaf. What nice treats that I can eat and are fresh!
Then we went to see Harry Potter, I loved it! I think it is the best one yet! We needed a nice sob and even though we knew Dumbledore died - it was emotional none the less. I also loved a line that Professor Slughorn delivers to a young Tom Riddle. It is also fitting after the last few weeks of our life.

"There can be no light without darkness. I choose the light" 

There can be no happiness without knowing sadness. I guess it is best to realize that happy events may be bittersweet for some time, yet the truly happy events will really be just that since we have the feeling of sadness so close behind us.

To many happy occasions!

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