Sunday, August 16, 2009

Make Way for a Vacation!

We took a vacation, a non-going-to-a-conference vacation.... This vacation had two purposes one being a much needed change of scenery and the other was to look at grad schools.
Stop number one was Wheelock College. I have decided that I want to go to here for my masters in Special Ed. Okay, decided is the polite and proper way to describe my wishes to go here. My true feelings may be described in ways that, the admissions department, if they were to come across this post, may think I was an uncouth individual. So we shall stick with desire!

If anything goes I will end up walking along the Massachusetts Ave in (you guessed it) Massachusetts, a whole 440 miles north of the Massachusetts Ave I live on now during my undergrad career.
So for this application process it is more like follow the Freedom Trail, rather than follow the yellow brick road. Nice to know my application can be delivered via email rather than horse riding mail carrier....
Pardon the metaphors, but I am hoping for a home run in Boston being the town for me! I will not take the Sox's losing ways, as of late, as a sign, nope not me! It was a winning tour of Fenway...Wheelock is on the Fenway... so there you go Sox fans!
I can take time to sit and reflect about where in Harvard Yard I parked my imaginary car and work my way to a masters degree in Special ed.
And if the ducks in Boston Commons wish to moon me, so be it, nothing can bring me down from the excitement I feel after a long weekend in the city I wish to one day call home.
So make way Ducklings, because hopefully Tamar is coming to town!

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