Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Whole New Senior Citizen

I realized, when trying to come up with a quirky title for this post, that I am indeed a "senior citizen." What's that? I don't look a day over 21.5? Oh, stop you're too kind! But, let's face it - I am a citizen and a college senior. So there you go folks, a 21 year old senior citizen!

The ball is rolling here in DC. I've been back a week, seriously, don't blink it flies by, and I am beginning to settle in. The apartment has come together, mom was my first guest, and now I am back in class and work mode, oy.

So, I have decided to call my dwelling for the next 9 months the Flat. It is the Flat since at around 300 sf. it is not large enough to be called an apartment. It is too big to be called my room, besides that would bring back dorm nightmares memories. So, what better that the Flat for my humble abode.

So without further ado, my flat:

Welcome, please come in....enjoy the view from the front door, through to the clothes, food, and fridge closet, and bathroom.

If you turn to your right you will see my kitchenette. My adorable, tiny, oven doesn't even open all the way!
Please, come in and stay awhile. Come into the living area. This side is the office and den.
Here is the sleeping and central area. There is my other closet by the window. I have a nice view of a tree and the courtyard of the building.

And lastly the dining area to the right and the food prep area to the left - this area is right off the entry area.
I hope you enjoyed the tour, that will be 5 cents please...

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