Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zayda in the Outfield

There are some sports rivalries that are infamous...and probably the most famous one is the Red Sox and Yankees. It causes fights at games and can cause family rifts if one member dare support the other team. Well, I am that member in my family....

My zayda was a Yankee fan, he supported the team his entire life, he probably watched a game on his last day of life. Me on the other hand.... yeah you guess it, a Red Sox fan. We kept this a secret for a long time, his hearing issues helped, but eventually, probably when the Sox won the series '04 he found out. Fortunately love prevailed and I was not shunned. We had fun making comments about each others teams and enjoyed talking about their wins and losses.

Flash forward to this season. The Sox were having a great season, beating the Yankees, beating the other teams, first place in the league, a great start. The Yankees, well they weren't doing so well, I loved this, Zayda, well not so much. Then it all changed.... on July 20th..... the day Zayda died....

That day the Red Sox lost their grip on first place and began to lose left and right. The Yankees, began to win. At first I thought it was temporary, but it lasted. Mom began to say "They're winning for Zayda." I began to wonder if it was that... Soon the Sox had lost their large lead in the N.L East and the Yankees' lead eventually grew to 9 games.

So, the Red Sox season is probably over. I will admit it. If that makes me a bad Sox fan, so be it - I love my Zayda more than that. And if you ask me, Zayda is out in the outfield at Yankee stadium catching fly balls. He the angel to a season that was heading south fast. And if the Yankees win the '09 series, I will cheer and cry knowing that Zayda was pulling strings for his team. But don't worry Zayda the Red Sox are back in the game next year!!

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