Friday, September 4, 2009

Show us your life - School Pictures

My oh my, today's post is so humbling! Kelly at Kelly's Korner is having a show us your school pictures blog carnival today. Well, since I did happen to scan in my school pictures last winter and they were all just waiting there in iphoto for me I had to participate.
I am just 2 years old in this picture. My mom says this is her favorite picture from all my school years. I love how I am sticking my tongue out and the rocking horse on my shirt. Oh 80s!
I am 4 here. This is my favorite picture. It is so me... the scrape on my nose, the odd grin on my face. And I remember loving that dress so much.
This is first grade. Probably about a month before I got my first pair of glasses, although I did go through a phase in kindergarden where I wore Avi's old glasses with the lenses popped out... we won't go there though...
Here is 4th grade. I am so happy the big round glasses style has come and gone... I remember being pretty happy with the way this one turned out.
5th grade. Another family favorite. Remember the sweater vest fashion era in the 90s? Is it just me or am I oddly staring out into space in all of these pictures?
And here is 9th grade. I skipped the rest of middle school because I am SO not a fan of those pictures... I also loved how this one turned out. I actually look like I am looking at the camera not outer space!
And here is a bad copy of my senior picture (i took the picture of a picture using my computer's camera). Crazy how much I have changed... We once had all the school pictures of Avi and myself hanging up - Ben called it the "wall of shame" and we have since chosen are favorites which I am pretty sure are these ones!

Odd as well is that my dad was a photographer and we still had to do the oh so lovely Life Touch school pictures. "Chin up, eyes here, shoulders back, oh get your chin up!" Why we paid for that when my dad takes these, is beyond me!
Age 19
Age 5

These sure look a heck of a lot better then the school ones!

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Bridgette said... {Reply}

Great pictures! Oh the wonderful Life Touch pictures...I hated it!!! Thanks for sharing. :)