Thursday, December 17, 2009

Filled with light.

All the lights in the menorah and their warm flickering glow, makes Chanukah magical to me. There is nothing like a cold dark night with the candles flickering in the window.

I have fond memories of Chanukah growing up. Not just getting gifts, and festivities at school. But family memories of lighting the menorah together, decorating cookies, and making latkes.
I loved (and still love) picking out the candles each night. It adds to the beauty of the candles burning, the lights and the colors against the darkness. Remind you of the miracle of Chanukah, finding the light in the darkness....
And I of course enjoy filling myself with latkes, while my home is filled with the lights of Chanukah!
Happy Chanukah!

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lovingmylife said... {Reply}

I just had my first latkes this week with a friend. She made them because of her jewish heritage. They were so yummy! You have a very nice blog :)