Monday, December 21, 2009

Recipe for thrills

This is an excellent recipe for those who are thrill seekers:

One part snowboard/skis*:
*you will need 2 skis to every one snowboard!
*I ride a K2 Luna and LOVE it

Add several well groomed ski slopes:
Allow gravity to take its effect, have fun, and try not to wipe out too many times*!
*I affirm that I was goofing off in this picture, and did not wipe-out, really! I mean it!

We are off on Wednesday to Jiminy Peak for 2 days of thrill seeking. Okay, I will be seeking thrills and mom will be staying snugly warm in the lodge. Either way relaxing get-away for us both.

I am just happy to be back on the slopes after not getting any chance to go last year!

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Jiminy Peak said... {Reply}

We think that mom should take a lesson and learn to ski/ride!
jiminy peak