Monday, January 18, 2010

Exit 36

There is something about that area near NJ Parkway Exit 36. To the east lies Atlantic City, all around it - a quiet beach resort. Come Labor Day - the shoobies leave and life continues for all the regulars. It's a life of work and school. Pretty much common suburban life. Not much to do during the winter, but it's a place to live.

Last night at a dear family friend's wedding we saw former fellow South Jerseyians.

Larry asked us, "So, do you miss Margate?"

I did not waste anytime going, "Nope."

That of course got me thinking.....

I left Northfield 2.5 years ago. And I think I needed to leave to learn two important lessons. One that there is life outside of South Jersey. The other? That is that despite it's sleepiness and lack of "culture" our little area of South Jersey was a really nice place to grow up.

Nice, but definitely full of quirks....
I mean can you drive down Post Road and see this in someone's front yard? Nope only on Route 40!
Once you leave Atlantic City, it's a whole nother world... one complete with stuffed deer and swordfish......
Moo - that is all.

But even with all the quirky bits - one big perk to living where we did was definitely this...
Nothing like running up and down the beach in the summer. Nothing like walking the beach after a fall storm. Nothing like walking down the beach and looking at hurricane clouds down in the south.

So over all, do I miss South Jersey, yes and no. Do I regret having grown up there. Nope. It was a great place to grow up, but now it is time to go somewhere else.

Thanks for the childhood Exit 36. I'll be hanging out around Exit 6 on I-287. But no worries, I will cherish the childhood I had down by the shore forever.

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Ezra said... {Reply}

But Northfield is exit 69 on I-35!

I especially like the cows- it's exactly like Northfield MN. And the photo of the beach.