Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This one i want to remember....

In the history of strange dreams, this one is pretty high up there, and for sure worth remembering....

I am married (as always no face to my mystery man). It is the first big snow of the winter. Our toddler daughter wants to go out and play in the snow. My husband bundles her up while I got get something. I come back and the kid is flapping her hands and seems very anxious.

I ask my husband, "What is wrong?"

He replies, "I am not sure I keep asking her to tell me and she just whines and waves her arms"

I look at the over-bundled and overheated toddler and back to my husband, slap him and through tears of laughter go, "Honey, she is wearing her mittens, she cannot use sign language...."

I woke up laughing. I guess it's true, pretty hard to sign with mittens on.

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