Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Heart Faces - Best Face

Happy New Year! 

I Heart Faces is kicking off this year with the theme - Absolute Best Face Photo of 2010.  You know, nothing major.  

Clearly, I would be a mean auntie if I didn't choose my nephew, Noam, as my best face photo of 2010.  I mean between my sister and I there are close to probably 3000 pictures (possibly more) of this little guy, and he was born in November. He's amazingly adorable and photogenic, so it is beyond hard to just choose one for this week!

I just love this picture of him, though.  It was taken around a month ago, and he is so much bigger now and tomorrow he will be 2 months old! Seriously where does the time go!? 

I just love how contemplative he is and how he has his hands clasped.  He's a cutie for sure, and I know I am biased, but really, look at that face!

So here's to a year of lots more pictures, of Noam and other people, but let's face it, mainly Noam! May your year be happy and your shutter busy snapping pics!

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