Friday, January 29, 2010

Reflections on Birthdays

My 22nd birthday was just as sweet as the vanilla frosted cupcakes I whipped up!

Saturday night I enjoyed a dinner with some good friends.
We enjoyed sushi, sake, and chatter about the semester.

Before coming back to my place to enjoy the cupcakes.
I've never been good at thinking up wishes! I came up with a good one, but you know the rule, if you share the wish it won't come true!

1:36 on 1/24 my actual date and time of my birthday! Who did I get to spend it with? My mom, just like 22 years ago!
Also, nothing like hearing a Jewish rock star to be the icing on the cupcake, either!
But the real icing on the cupcake, getting to spend my special day with my Mom!
So far 22 is pretty great!

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