Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow and a Seder

My goal over this (last) semester at AU is to get some really great photographs of campus to remind me of this awesome college when I am gone. I did not let the snow that fell Saturday stop me from beginning this endeavor.
I bundled up and set off towards campus. Then I became distracted by the mirror on a neighboring drive way.....

After a mini-photo-shoot I made it to the campus.
Katzen in its snowy glory. This building is stunning in any weather, but snow and a crystal winter blue sky made it really stand out.

Note to self - wear sun glasses when out in the snow on a sunny day....
Especially when taking pictures of a huge reflective sculpture...
Good thing I wore my boots!

This guy cracks me up.
Especially in the snow.

I was feeling the AU love today.

And what better to do on a snowy Sunday (besides course work)? Go to a Tu B'shevat seder!
The Jewish holiday with the least amount of guilt. You get to eat fruit, lots and lots of fruit!
So? Orange you glad it's Tu B'shevat?
Exactly, this is a holiday to surely smile about!

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