Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Coke

**I need to "vent" about a new coke-a-cola ad airing on TV these days. It's the one that shows a little person working out to help a heart get back to being full and fit. These ads say Coke is supporting the American Heart Association's Red Dress Campaign. Well, I have an issue with this....**

Dear Coke-a-Cola,

I will admit, I have never been a fan of your drinks. One, I don't think they taste good. Two, I think they are filled with you know what. And three, I think you try to get people to drink things that are so bad for them!

I now really don't like you or your drinks. While I admire your company's decision to support a noble charity such as the American Heart Association's Red Dress Campaign, I cannot believe you are telling people to buy coke, drink it, and in turn you'll support this charity.

It may just be my personal opinions, but advocating that people drink a soda laden with calories, sugar, and dyes (or artificial sugars, chemicals, and dyes) and in return you will support an organization which seeks to help prevent women's heart disease and help those with heart disease and heart conditions seems just plane WRONG.

If anything, you could be adding to the number of women who have heart disease. Women who live, yes live, on your drinks. I am not saying Coke is the main reason behind the crazy health issues people face in our country, but I am saying you aren't helping much!

I cannot even offer suggestions. Well, that is a lie. I have one, but you won't like it. It is to STOP MAKING AND SELLING CRAP. Yes I just said that word.

If you believe in helping prevent heart disease, how can you market a product that can contribute to the disease?

That is all, I just think you're company needs to sort out its priorities.


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