Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Local Stops

My goal for this year was to slow down and enjoy each "local" moment on my trip around the world. While I still have a massive amount of excitement about graduation I am working to find "local" moments through out this semester to appreciate and cherish.

Yesterday I had a chance to cherish an important part of being a senior. Senior pictures!

Let's start by saying that I was having an amazing hair day.

Okay, that has been said.

Otherwise I think they will turn out really great. It was the standard, "knees over there, chin up, eyes over here, wait chin back up..." You know...

The photographer was very nice and I hope to have some nice shots. I get to choose one for the yearbook and then we can order other ones for ourselves.

All in all a worthwhile stop on this local train I call life!

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