Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Purim Memories!

I love Purim.

Ever since I was little it was one of the holidays I most looked forward to and enjoyed.

At school we learned about Purim, had fun celebrations, and had no school on Purim. We exchanged mishloach manot baskets with classmates and danced in the gym with the entire school.

I always planned an amazing costume for shul. I was an astronaut, a turtle, a hamantashen recipe, and many more!

At home the spirit of the holiday continued. My family gave numerous mishloach manot baskets to friends. We thought of creative containers and baskets each year to hold our treats and I loved helping fill them.

But, of all the Purim memories I have from the past 22 years is the memory of the Sunday we spent baking hamantashen. We made a ton of them. And it was a well orchestrated production. The table was prepped, being covered in wax paper, and floured.
I remember getting frustrated when I couldn't make my triangle right, or if my perfect ones stuck to the table and were ruined. I loved choosing the flavors and watching them get gold and crispy in the oven. And the smell, was divine. Think sugar cookie mixed with a hint of orange and fruit fillings. Amazing.

I then took pride in organizing the baked hamantashen on the dining room table to cool and await distribution. I would make pattens using the colors of the filling as my muse. I loved watching our poodles eye the treats and think of how they could jump up to the table.

These memories I will cherish forever.

And these delectable treats, I can enjoy these little treats each and every year!

Happy Purim!!!!

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