Friday, February 26, 2010


Before I started seeing my amazing audiologist back in high school I used to have awful tinnitus on top of all my other sound processing issues.

Within a few months of wearing my sound generators my tinnitus was gone. What a change. It's amazing how annoying frequent ringing in your ears can be. Think really, really, really, high pitched ringing in your ear..... yeah annoying.

Now a days I only get a short bout of tinnitus when I am really congested.

I would like to say that for the last 40 minutes my ear has been ringing. First I thought the battery in my sound generator had died, nope.....
I would like to state for the record, I really HAVE NOT missed this.

At all.

That is all.

Ha, I should have begun this post 35 minutes ago. The ringing is beginning to subside, still there but at a much lower less annoying volume.

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