Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well this storm delivered what was promised! A perfect "meteorological bomb" it was for sure. AU canceled classes beginning at 12 on Friday (my class was at 3:30!) and the snow began a bit before than. And snow it did. We did cook shabbat dinner and hold services - that is one shabbat I will remember!

Anyway, the snow is tapering off. There is about 26ish inches out there now. WOW! The blizzard winds have helped blow records away, it's crazy.

I spent a good 2 and a half hours outside - so much fun!
This was last night - So beautiful but so much!
The same tree this morning. Around 8am there was 16 inches. There was so much more yet to come!
TADA! A winter wonderland!
The maintenance crews at my building were busy attacking the snow around lunchtime. It was so amazing to see walls of snow that the snow blowers left behind.
My lift ticket great in this picture because it provides you some great perspective of how deep this snow is! It came up to the middle of my thighs, and I think there was more snow under my boots!
That imprint? I fell... the snow is too heavy to even try to make snow angels. Getting out of the hole my body left was also pretty tough to climb out of!
I met up with Eli and Brianna to have some more fun in the snow. Brianna also knows the Hafters so we couldn't resist taking Flat Gabe out to have some fun in the snow. We even helped someone get their car unstuck and saw other cars get stopped by 2 down trees!
This would be one of those downed trees. This snow may be pretty but it is heavy wet snow and I am so happy to have power! I am surviving with out Direct TV and have hooked up to the wall for regular channels (I need to be able to watch the Super Bowl!

And what do you do after 2.5 hours in the snow?
Drink hot cocoa....

Watch movies!!

What a weekend and it's only Saturday night!!!!

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