Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Frozen District

Let the dig out begin! I dug out this afternoon to see what the state of the neighborhood was. The roads are covered still and the side streets are much worse for wear!

Come lets take a little walk around AU Park...

I hope you are wearing your sunglasses, today. It sure is bright out there.
A very peaceful Massachusetts Ave. Calm before the storm? How about calm after the storm?
Some snapshots of the neighborhood. I love the bus pictures. No buses are going anywhere. So the sign is great as is the "next bus?" sign. Next bus? Maybe next month?

I dub these, the snow crates....

I ventured to the local market, it was suprisingly not too picked over. I got what I needed: coffee and tissues (and a few other items). Now I am watching the superbowl (and The Sound of Music) and willing AU to close tomorrow. If they don't we will be the only school (university and grade level) open in DC and surrounding area. Even the Federal Government is closed. I am sorry, if President Obama can have a snow day, I should get one too!!

***edited to ad: AU is CLOSED Monday! Yay for snow days in college!***

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Steven said... {Reply}

DCPS is open with a 2 hour delay