Sunday, April 4, 2010


One of the unofficial "while you are in college in DC" traditions is to go to the street for the state you are from and take a picture of/with the sign. Well. I was beginning to run out of time to do this.

Then, one night a few months ago when I told my mom of my intentions to take such a picture before graduation she asked an important question.

Mom: "Which state will you do? NY or NJ??"

Me: "Oh... hadn't thought of that...

Mom: "Well, how about both then?"

Me: *after quickly googling where the two states were* "No way! NY and NJ intersect!

And as a result the following picture was taken yesterday!

Pretty cool, no?

Then I realized something. Not only do New York Ave and New Jersey Ave intersect, but New York Ave and Massachusetts Ave do too! Can you say whoa!?

When I began AU I lived in NJ. Now I live in NY. And next year I will begin school in Massachusetts!

I guess you can say I have taken New Jersey Ave, to New York Ave, and then made a turn onto Massachusetts Ave!

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