Monday, April 26, 2010

A letter to my work ethic.

Dear work ethic,

You are an amazing work ethic. I admire your get to it-ness and your get it done attitude. I am beyond grateful for the countless hours of work you have put in over the last 4 years at American U. We have learned a great deal together, written tons of papers, read tons of articles and text books, studied, taken exams, and so much more. I know you are tired, I am too. But, I promise, if we can knuckle down and study for one last exam, albeit a huge one, you will be allowed to go on a vacation for a very long time. Wheelock is not beginning until September and you may have Thursday to then off. I will find a summer substitute to work with me this summer at camp, but AU work ethic, you deserve a vacation. On one condition though....take me with you!


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