Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Gradjumucated!

Well, I did it! I graduated college! It was a whirlwind weekend and I cannot believe its over. It still seems slightly surreal. I had lots of friends and family who came to celebrate with me and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!
My aunt and uncle hosted a lovely graduation party for me on Saturday evening. It was a great evening, good food, good friends, and good memories!
What's a party without a cake! I still think I have a sugar buzz from it!
Sunday we were completely Pomped and Circumstanced! Those bagpipers were amazing.
Janet Napolitano was my speaker and she was great! She talked about all the changes my class has been through, not just in the past 4 years, but in our life times. She was talking about twitter and said: "twitter didn't exist until 2006, and now it's ubiquitous. In fact, many of you are probably tweeting right now. Stop it!"
Thanks to two zoom lens in the family section, my dad and Ben captured my shaking hands with President Kerwin. It's nice to see my smile was so big. All I remember thinking was "don't fall, don't fall, shake Kerwin's hand, don't fall..." Well, I didn't fall, and I even managed to say "Thank you, Dr. Kerwin!"
Ben enjoyed playing paparazzi outside. We didn't throw out caps inside so I enjoyed playing frisbee with it on the quad!
I would not have made it to college graduation with out my amazing mommy! What a special treat to graduate on Mother's Day! And seriously, we look like twins!!
Obviously, Dad and I are related... We both cannot look at the camera at the same time....
Lucas, Melissa, and Me. I met Lucas during Freshman Orientation and we have been friends ever since. Melissa and I met in psych classes - we are the psych 3! That is, 3 psych majors, not 3 psychos...
And of course, my dress. It was quite chilly that day so I enjoyed being able to wear my gown for extra warmth!
This is Dr. Ahrens. Lucas and I took his class this semester, and since we passed we can graduate!
This is Mark, he was my prof this semester and is the Methodist minister on campus, and another Red Sox nation member!

All in all the experience of graduating college is amazing. Being able to stand up and be among a few hundred other students who all change their tassels from left to right and then cheer, is an experience I will remember forever!

At this point I am moved out of my apartment and am crashing out in VA with our friends. I cannot believe this chapter of my life is coming to a close! Sometimes the four years seems like it zoomed by and at other times it feels like it went by at a steady pace. Either way the world, my life, and I have changed in so many ways in the last 4 years and I cannot wait to see what the next 4 years holds!

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