Sunday, June 20, 2010

Leaving My Mark on NY

This morning I set out for a lovely 15 mile bike ride on the Bronx River Parkway. They shut it down to cars on Sunday morning so bikers, runners, and skaters can enjoy the hilly motor way.

Well, I was having a great ride. I was making great time, having an easy time on the serious uphills, and enjoying the warm and sunny morning.

Then, as I was mere seconds from getting off the parkway and heading the few blocks back home it sorta kinda went down hill. In front of me was a little kid who was not so balanced on their bike. They were weaving all over the road and I was going slowly behind them waiting to be able to pass by. Then they really swerved, and to keep myself from crushing them too, I swerved. But I swerved a bit too hard and then hit the ground hard....

I hit my elbow, then my hip, and then rolled. I quickly bounced up and realized I had really hurt my elbow. A nice biker stopped and offered his water to rinse the gash and another lovely man stopped and fished two big band-aids out of his pack.

I quickly made my way home. My biggest fear was that I had a broken elbow. Mom was more concerned about the 1/2 inch gash on top of my elbow. After icing the elbow and washing me up we decided it was best to head to Urgent Care, to be safe rather than sorry.

An hour later it was determined it is not broken but I did earn 3 stitches!

This is only the second time I have ever gotten stitches! If you know me and how active I was as a child you will know that going 20 years in between stitches is huge!

So no weight lifting until the stitches come out in 9 days. I can get them wet (thank goodness) and I am thank God not in a cast, and not too sore (I will eat my words in the morning...)

So all in all, could have been worse, and I still had a lovely morning on the Bronx River!

For memory's sake I am including a picture of the lovely elbow. It isn't pretty!

Nice to know I left my mark (literally) on NY!

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