Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things my campers say

Camp is off and running, fast! It has been a great first two days! We have beaten the record heat and humidity setting days and are having a blast!

My group is an adorable group of 13 little 4 1/2 and 5 year olds. I have all their names down and I haven't lost anyone yet!

So, so far I have heard these adorable/funny things coming from my boys!

T: Tamar, how old are you?
Me: I'm 22.
T: Oh that makes you 20 years younger than my mom. She's 42.
Me: That's right.
T: And you're 18 years younger than my dad. He's 40.

*I could not do math like that when I was 5!!*

C: Tamar why don't you sound like you normally do? (I have an awful case of laryngitis, fun right)
Me: I got a cold and my voice got sick.
C: Oh, I hope it comes back soon, this voice sounds funny.

E: (after a mini wrestling match during soccer): Well, the real soccer players wrestle on the field!
Me: Yes, but even they are not supposed to do that. And they get in trouble when they do.
E: Does this mean I have to get a yellow card?

I'm also having fun seeing other kids that went to my mom's nursery school, they have been a little surprised to see me somewhere else.

J: But, how can you be here?

Z: Hi Idie!! (My mom)
Me: Zoey, I'm not Idie!
Z: I know, but you look like her!

That's it for now! There are 33 more days for them to say adorable things!

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