Sunday, August 29, 2010

The day of Olympians!

Our first full day in Montreal we headed out to Parc Olimpique, the site of the 1976 Summer Games! It was slightly overcast, but beautiful none the less.
The Olympic rings!!
I am a champion (-:
We headed to the Tower - it is part of the park and you can ride up in this cable car to the top and have stunning views of the city, when it's not so overcast.
Despite the clouds we still had some great views. It was cool to get a birds eye view of the city on the first day we were in the city.
Next we headed to the Jardin Botanique. It was spectacular! I thought the NY Botanical Gardens were amazing, this just blew them out of the water!
They have an amazing Chinese garden, a Japenese garden, a forest dedicated to the First Nations, a garden of the senses for those who are visually impaired, a rose garden, and SO much more!
The Chinese garden has a light show each fall, they already had many of the lights up and they looked magical. Avi and Ben were lucky enough to see them lit up last year on their trip, makes me sorta jealous!
Of course I satiated my love for photographing flowers.
The Japanese garden had a Bonsai exhibit. This is a Bonsai maple forest. It looks like a movie set, it's unreal, except that it's real...
Okay, love love love the lighting on this picture!

The rest of this day we went to the Jean-Talon Farmer's market, an amazing year round market, with so many fresh fruits and veggies and more. I enjoyed some gelato and fancy French coffee.

For dinner we went to a Promenade, Rue Prince Arthur Est, we walked around and explored our options for a bit and chose a lovely Greek restaurant. We were able to eat outside and people watch, it was a lovely first day of vacation!!

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