Sunday, August 29, 2010

Of Domes, Ports, and Museums.

Thursday, the sun was shining and the sky was blue!! We headed to Ile Ste Helene, the site of the Expo '67 World's Fair. Today it's a park, the site for a big amusement park, and the Biosphere. The Biosphere was the US's exposition during the World's Fair. Today it's a museum that focuses on preserving natural resources and the environment.
Mom and the Biosphere.
Amazing, during the World's Fair the fair's monorail passed through the sphere and there were various observation decks reached by escalator, very futuristic and very US.
They also had observation decks that you could go up on and see the surrounding area from. Pretty spectacular once again.

After we took a ferry back to Montreal, by way of another island. We got to go partially around Ile Ste Helene and got a nice view of La Ronde the amusement park at the tip of the island.
When we arrived at the Port it was getting a little rainy so we decided to explore the Science Museum. It had some really interesting exhibits. There was one on the science of glass which was really interesting. I took this picture in the A-Z exhibit which was a hands on way of teaching kids about balance, and perception, and weight, and all those scientific facts. This was the kalidescope section. Noting like a bunch of mirrors to prompt an impromptu photo shoot (-:

After the science museum we went to the Museum of Archeology and History. It has an amazing excavation under the museum that shows actual pipes and walls of Montreal from the 1800s and before! Sadly, no photography, but the memories are amazing. They also had an exhibit on Easter Island, and that was really cool to learn about.

Then we wandered around Old Montreal for a bit.
We discovered this little shop, it's the French Canadian Build-a-Bear!
This was an amazing promenade in the Old Town filled with shops and restaurants. We eventually discovered a lovely Thai place to enjoy.
But before we could chow down on Thai food we had to make one little stop! A Maple Syrup shop!!! I got to taste three types of maple syrup and I settled on a bottle of a lovely light maple syrup. It's harvested when the sap is very young so it has a light color, a mild but still sweet taste, and yeah just wow!
We decided to walk off dinner (as if we hadn't walked enough at this point). On the way back to the hotel we stumbled upon China Town! That was another fun area of the city to walk through!

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