Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Heart Faces

I haven't entered a picture in I Heart Faces all summer long and thought I'd jump back in.

This week the focus on photojournalism. I looked back through my pictures and found a few that could be used to tell a story and then I stumbled upon this one. While faces may not be the main focus of the composition the way they are reflected in the Vietnam memorial tells the story.
I took this on one of my last weekends living in DC. It was a weekend with lots of tourists and while the city was packed with tons of people and tons of noise the memorial (which was also full of people) had a certain serenity about it. That serenity is reflected in the glossy memorial, people staring in awe of all those who died in the war, and absorbing the feelings of the memorial.

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10 thoughts on the matter:

Mom of M&Ms said... {Reply}

Your photo gave me goosebumps.. I have been to the memorial and you are correct.. there is a peace there that is indescribable. Well done phot. Great caprute and thanks for coming by my blog!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said... {Reply}

This is very powerful.

Jenny B Photography said... {Reply}

Very moving photograph!

carlotta said... {Reply}

Wow. Such a touching photo!

Amy said... {Reply}

What a great capture! The reflections of the people walking past, coupled with the simple engraved names, really makes this a powerful photo.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Wow, I just LOVE the reflection of the people in the Memorial with the names, always have. Great photo!! Thank you for sharing!!!

jen@odbt said... {Reply}

This photo definitely tells many stories - of the men and women who sacrificed for our country. Great capture.

Mommy to Tyler & Kendall said... {Reply}

I love how you only need one picture to tell this story. Well done!

Zlatina said... {Reply}

Great photo - i love the reflection of the people and the names of people on the wall.... i love the idea.

Caroline (Frogmum) said... {Reply}

Fabulous photo ~ the names of the dead who fought for the living ~ very moving!