Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I've got this feeling....

So, before I delve into this let me back the truck up.

In March and April I was getting really bad acne once a month (catch my drift...). After a conversation with my doctor I switched birth control to a pack with more hormones. It seemed like a good idea, the acne cleared up and things seemed fine.

But over the last few months I felt sorta meh, just not myself. I attributed it to being really active, or under stimulated, or being tired. Then I felt like I was beginning to gain some weight (I was, very sore subject) and I felt bloated, you know the whole shebang.

Well, finally last week it all became clear (cue "I can see clealy now") I realized everything I was feeling (emotions and weight) began in late April early May - and what changed then? My birth control.

Say it with me... OHHHHHH

So it worked out that I was actually able to stop my pills then - so now it has been over a week with no pills and let me say it loud and proud....


I feel happy, and energized, and just back to myself. Mom is away now and on the phone earlier she could tell a difference in my voice. I cannot say how good it feels!

Now that I feel like myself again, I hope the bloating goes down quickly and working with my new personal trainer helps the weight come off really quickly!

Here's to feeling good!

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