Monday, August 9, 2010

Things My Campers Say 3

It's the last week of camp, I'm really going to miss these little fellas.

A few days ago we were changing in our room (a rare occurrence) and one of my campers, E, decided he did not like the shirt his mom had packed in his bag that day. He was getting upset and Alex tried to calm him down:
Alex: E, what's wrong?
E: I don't like this shirt.
Alex: Well, why don't you wear the shirt in your emergency clothes bag.
E: Emergency clothes?
Alex: Yea, the clothes your mom brought in case of an emergency.
E: Do I need to call 911 to wear them?

Some of our campers are a bit slow in the changing after swim department. J, who works at his own pace was eager to get done quickly so he could help get afternoon snack. So eager in fact that we all witnessed this happening. He quickly takes off his bathing suit, puts on one sock and one shoe, than the other sock and shoe. He stands up, packs his bag up, and shouts "I'm done first!!!" We sorta stifled our laughs and pointed out he forgot three key items. He then smacked his head and went "Oh, I'm so silly!"

This isn't funny per say, but I want to remember it. A few weeks ago the "purple" bracelets (sorta kinda can swim) were put in the middle section of the pool (2.5 feet to 3.5 feet). D was very nervous to be in that section and was clinking to me for dear life. He was so freaked out at one point, even where he could touch the bottom that he started to scream "I DON'T WANT TO DIE." He went through this several times until we realized he wasn't crying, but laughing hysterically.

Another one I want to remember is that this same little guy, D, had to get a palette expander. The first day we had it he was eating pickles at our BBQ lunch. The poor kid, he got the pickle stuck on top of the expander. After three attempts at fishing it out the nurse took a tweezer and pulled it out. D, so in love with pickles he took it from her, and managed to eat it! Talk about determination!

S.W loves karate. His favorite part? The "magic" cereal they receive at the end of the 1/2 hour. When we asked him how it was magical he responds, "oh, it's really just fruit loops, but Sensei says it's magic so I play along!"

A few days ago I mentioned how much I love karate, even though the counselors don't go into karate, ie we love the 1/2 hour break! T hearing me say this goes, "how can you love karate? You don't get to watch me!"

J's birthday is right after camp ends and he is beyond excited! He was jumping up and down about turning 5 today and he and S had a cute little exchange.
J: I'm going to be 5!!!
S: I'm older than you, I'm already 5!
J: I know! BUT, when I turn 5 we'll be the SAME AGE!!! (there is no way to show how excited he was about this!)

Every time we leave a special I get the boys to do a big "THANK YOU" to the specialist. A few days ago their thank you was weak.
Me: Oh, boys that thank you was weak.
C: What's weak?
Me: It's when something is not strong, this was weak because your thank you was not very loud.
C: Oh! That's not weak, its not strong!

I know there are more, I wish I could remember them all!

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