Sunday, August 29, 2010

Top of the Mont

Day three in Montreal and we were ready for more!
We began our day by heading to the Basilica Notre Dame. It is one of the oldest churches of its kind in North America and is absolutely stunning!
Really, why can't shuls be this awe inspiring??
This is one the largest pipe organs in the world, it is over 70,000 pipes, um wow.
This is the marriage chapel, romantic, no?

After the chuch we headed to the Contemporary Museum of Art. It was just that very contemporary. Lots of space and few pieces of art, but it was still cool to see.

After that we began to head up to Mont Royal, the site where Jean Cartier discovered what became Montreal!
To get to the top of the mountain we had to climb stairs, lots and lots of stairs.
There were even more after this!
This little fellow became my trail buddy, cute no?
And finally at the top!! Amazing view! It was so clear that you could faintly see the US border.
Enjoying the view on a stunning afternoon.
Okay, major props to Mom on this one. Going up hills/lots of stairs can be very hard for her due to her heart condition and she made it to the top and was still standing!
Enjoying our vacation together!!

After we spent some time up on the top of the mountain we went back down (yay for downhill) and made our way back to the AMAZING Indian Restaurant from our first day. We deserved that buffet after our trek earlier. Once back at the hotel we sunk into the couches and didn't move for a while! AHH vacation!

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