Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've been tagged!

I am way to excited to have been "tagged" for the first time on my blog! Shannon at Sincerely Shannon tagged me and I get to answer 8 questions she has come up with and then tag other wonderful bloggers and ask them 8 new questions!

So here we go....

1. Do you like Starbucks? And are you a fan of their seasonal coffees?
-- Eh, yeah, one I am not a huge coffee drinker to begin with. And two, their coffee is so dark and bitter to me. I prefer a smoother brew if I am going to have, aka I am a Dunkin' Donuts coffee person. But...I do like a nice pumpkin spice latte. But in all seriousness I just like those holiday red cups!

2. How do you decorate and prepare for fall?
-- I have never been a fall decorating person, and neither was my family growing up! We'd decorate our sukkah with gords and pumpkins and Indian corn and lots of other fallish type decorations, but once Sukkot is over we take them down. We do have fun things for the Thanksgiving table!

3. Will you participate in your college's homecoming activities?
-- Well, my graduate school is very very small, it has some sports teams, but no homecoming (their freshman undergraduate class is at an all time high of 295 students). And my undergraduate alma mater is also on the smaller side and has no big homecoming per say. No football team at either... So I guess I'll root for Boston U. this year or Harvard or both!

4. What is your favorite fall clothing item of accessory?
-- I love when I can start wearing my North Face fleeces regularly, I am obsessed with them. I also love when I can start wearing scarves, they are just so warm and cosy. I am not an Ugg girl and I have never taken to the boots fad, so fleece and scarves it is!

5. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
-- I have only Trick-or-Treated once... And I was 19... We didn't celebrate it growing up, we didn't even give out candy. Yes. We were that family and to top it off we lived in the neighborhood to go to for trick-or-treating. But, I never felt like I missed out on anything! I am not a costume fan. When I did go when my friends and I went as Publisher's Clearing House so my "costume" was just slacks and a blouse!

6. Do you like Halloween/Horror movies? Do you have a favorite?
-- Hm, a tough one! Oh, I have to watch "Hocus Pocus" each year! And I am not sure if this counts but I love the "Corpse Bride" too. Horror movies, no thank you! When I was 7, "Home Alone" gave me nightmares and a serious phobia of burglars (no worries I am over that now and find that movie adorable!). But I will go now where near movies like "Saw" and "The Others."

7. What is your favorite fall activity?
-- Fly Eagles Fly! Of course I cannot always get their games on TV since I am not in the immediate Philly area, but go Eagles!! I also love the World Series, fall baseball is so fun, and maybe next year the Red Sox will have a chance! I haven't been apple picking in years but it screams fall! But, probably my favorite is just taking a walk under the beautiful colored leaves and soaking in crisp fall air!

8. What is your favorite fall recipe?
-- Oo - I love cooking, especially fall recipes! My favorite fall soup is a tie between Cream of Carrot soup and Potato Leek soup. I love Molly Katzen's Veggie Stew (cooking that up tonight!) and I love a recipe we have called Cajun Tilapia Stew (oo so good!). And my favorite fall desert is apple and pear crisp! Okay, now I'm hungry!

That was fun! Now it's my turn to come up with 8 questions....

1. What movie coming out soon are you looking forward to seeing?
2. What will you miss most about summer?
3. When do you start your holiday shopping?
4. Favorite exercise/activity?
5. Best book you've read lately?
6. Do you make your bed everyday?
7. If you could choose a personal chef over a personal shopper, which would you choose?
8. And which tv show are you most excited for this fall?

And tag your it to...

Renee at My Special Ks
Katherine at Grass Stains
and because I don't know very many bloggers I am stopping there, lame I know!

5 thoughts on the matter:

Mommy to those Special Ks said... {Reply}

Thanks for the tag! I will get these done soon! :)

Shannon said... {Reply}

I'm like you when it comes to horror movies. I LOVE Corpse Bride and Hocus Pocus (although that one gave me nightmares when I was little). And "Halloween" is so ridiculous that I can handle that. But and I hate Saw.

Great new questions!

Rachel said... {Reply}

These were fun to read! Thanks for the tag! I'll try to do them soon!

Carrie said... {Reply}

How fun!!! I'll play ... I'll probably post something tomorrow! Thanks!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said... {Reply}

What fun! Thanks for the tag. :) I'm happy to join in.