Sunday, September 19, 2010

There's always time for baseball!

It's a no brainer that a Red Sox game at Fenway Park would be in order upon moving to Boston. So clearly it made perfect sense to go a mere 24 hours after pulling up to my apartment! To say I was excited would have been a slight understatement!
We entered right below the Green Monster! This was also one of the areas around Fenway featured frequently in the movie "Fever Pitch" - you got with in 1 mile of the area and the atmosphere just said "RED SOX!"
Once we got in I set off to take pictures. The Sox were playing Tampa Bay - big rival, especially since the Rays and the Yankees are sorta kinda maybe clobbering the Sox in the standings this year...
John Lester was pitching. I had been to two other Sox games, and never had seen him pitch, so that was pretty neat. He did a great job, after a rocky start.
Hello Wally! Seriously, a cute mascot! I mean, that Philly Phanatic just gives me the creeps.
Warm-up pow wow. Number 60 is Daniel Nava. I was so happy to see him play! In his first majorly game (and game with the Sox), at his first at bat, and at the first ball pitched to him he hit a GRAND SLAM - um yeah, totally has Sox potential!
The ringmaster from the Ringling circus sang the anthem. He did a great rendition but the best was the Rays fan behind us going to his friend, "Wait, why is he singing here in Boston, come on the circus is from Sarasota! Traitors!"
They also honored Luis Tiant who was about to turn 70. He is a famous Sox pitcher. He threw out a ceremonial pitch to David Ortiz. Ortiz had originally come up near the grass (like they tend to do for ceremonial pitches) and Tiant stood on the mound and shooed Ortiz back behind the plate! He proved his arm is in fine shape at 70!
And the game began! The top of the first was rocky for Lester. It was 1-0 by the third out, it took him some time to find his groove...
And then the Sox were at bat, and it took the Rays pitcher so long to find his groove he was removed before the end of the inning! The Sox had back to back homers and it was 3-1 before long!
It was thumbs up by the 4th inning - the Sox had been blasting balls out of the park and it was 11 - 2!

It seriously was a great night. The final score was 12-5 - and it was so amazing to stand there and sing "Sweet Caroline" with the rest of the fans and soak in the atmosphere!
Jonathan Papelbon came into to finish the game. He has a crazy pitching style - he looks to the ground as he lets go of the pitch. So he essentially lets go of the pitch without looking at the target. Pretty neat-o.

Here's to more games at Fenway!!

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