Monday, November 8, 2010

The Blaze

I interrupt the Baby O'Glasser Mania 2010 to share the amazing sights I saw Saturday night.  I am in NY (which was planned even before BOG came into the world a little early) and my mom and I were going to head up to the Van Cortland Manor to see The Blaze. It's over 4,000 carved pumpkins into the most amazing designs and figures! 
 There were cute ones.
 Hear no evil
 See no evil
 Speak no evil
 How fitting right?
 Some were so intricate!
 Then there were the anatomical ones...
 They payed homage to the Irish
 That is made out of pumpkins! Really!
Can you see the cube? How cool  is that!

I was so happy I was able to go and I called a friend to see if they could come along so I wasn't alone - it was really cold but so much fun!

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