Monday, November 1, 2010

I Heart Fall!

This week at I Heat Faces it's all about fall!  Fitting up here in Boston too, since with the windchill this morning it was 25º! 

I love fall, I love the chill in the air, I love the colors in the trees, I love the smell of a fire place on a chilly evening, and I love when it begins to get dark earlier, and how cozy homes look with their lights on. 

I immediately thought of this picture for this week. I have tons of pictures of gorgeous trees painted with bright colors but I kept coming back to this picture.  I too it at Plymouth Plantation a few weeks ago.  It just says fall to me.  Gourds and pumpkins are another favorite part of fall for me, and this beautiful arrangement just says fall.  It's so artsy yet simple and elegant to me!

Happy fall!

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8 thoughts on the matter:

Liese4 said... {Reply}

Nice, it looks like a painting. Thanks for the comment on my post too. I took some pics last fall of a family with pumpkins, gourdes do say fall well.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Cool picture. They kind of remind me of garlic.

Mary said... {Reply}

Oh what a beautiful image, with it's lights and darks! It does look like a painting!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment. Ad I have to agree with you -- one of my favorite things about fall is to come home after dark to a warm and welcoming home. :)

Amy Henderson said... {Reply}

Lovely shot!

Megan Grunder said... {Reply}

I completely agree that it looks like a painting! Interesting shapes. Thanks for the comment on my site too!

Chava said... {Reply}

Your posts have been making me smile!!!

Love the photo, but really love your take on life too!

Micaela said... {Reply}

So cool! I really like the background in this photo. Its a neat juxtaposition to the natural elements.

SBSAKE Photography said... {Reply}

Gorgeous choice!!!