Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This summer I hear my mom call me into the living room - and when I walk in, what do I see?

Full frontal squirrel! That is not something you see everyday, and come to think of it, not something I want to see everyday. 

This little (or not so little) fella's goal was to eat from the bird feeder we ha hanging in front of the screen.  I guess we can't call these guys dumb, if he had the guts and idea to hang upside down on our screen door to get bird food. 

 He even managed to get in some exercise too. Working on the obliques (do squirrels even have obliques?) while reaching for the bird feeder.

After too much blood rushing to his small head he managed to knock the seed onto the ground were he ate the entire thing (must be a teenage squirrel) in under an hour.  

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