Thursday, November 4, 2010

My yearbook!

I never got my high school yearbook.  I made my high school yearbook, I saw it on graduation day, and then never again.  There is so much insane political insanity (for lack of a more appropriate word) behind why I saw it but never received it, but that was over 4 years ago and I have moved on. 

So it gives me great pleasure to introduce my yearbook from American University!  I got so excited when it came in the mail and then even more excited when my uncle delivered it to me here in Boston a few weeks ago since he was up here for a meeting! 
The awesome cover - 
How cool is the inside cover? The grey U from the cover is part of the phrase A YOU - so awesome.
Oh look, it's me! I had 15 head shots from my senior portrait session, this one was by far the best and I am so happy I picked it for my yearbook picture.  It really pops from the page, if I do say so myself!
My ad page from mom, Avi, and Ben.  She wrote such a special message and picked great pictures.  The one in the upper left corner is Avi and me on the first day of school when I was two!  Then the one in the middle is me by the stuffed car before driving down to AU to begin freshman year.  Below that is me in front of Leonard hall, by dorm for my first two years at AU.  And then the bottom left is me (I'm under the flash) in front of the Wheelock sign! 

Finally, a yearbook to cherish!

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