Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Before I left PDX Sunday night we "attempted" to take a picture of mom, Avi, Noam, and me.  Ben was manning the camera and there were more "outtakes" than perfect shots.  

So for your viewing pleasure I give you the insane antics of the Strauss-Benjamin-O'Glasser women (and Noam).
Ben, "Avi, put down the camera, I am the one taking the pictures of you 4."
Ben, "Look at the camera not at the baby."
Avi, "Rundi wants to be in the picture."
Mom, "no do not give the baby bunny ears!"
Clearly (and probably fortunately) Noam didn't inherit our inability to look at the camera.
And Avi is doubled over laughing.
They say laughter is contagious.

There we go, out of 49 pictures there were two where we were all looking at the camera, not talking, and also smiling.
Now. What that so hard? 

Yes. But at least it was fun!

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Anonymous said... {Reply}

hey, thanks sooo much for your lovely comment on my blog!! these pictures are precious! :)