Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Chanukah to Yookah Tookah!

Happy Chanukah! Seriously, gift giving aside I love this holiday so much.  My slight tendency to be a pyromaniac as a child may or may not having anything to do with that.  

But, I really love Chanukah.  There is something so cozy about watching the lights of the menorah flicker in the dark window.  And I have fond memories of Chanukah as a child, at school and at home. 
 There really is something to the concept of creating light in the darkness.  I always turn off all the lights in the room before I light my menorah, because suddenly there is light again, and as we ad more lights to the menorah there is more light and a brighter, warmer glow.  It's just magical.
I just love reminiscing on all the Chanukahs I had growing up.  From decorating our house, to the lovely gifts our parents gave us, to lighting the menorah, to the celebrations all week long in school it is just a great time of the year. 
I also love and cherish these two pictures of us lighting the menorahs with Bubbe and Zayda.  We were usually with them at home in New Jersey or if Chanukah was over winter vacation we were often in Florida with them.
These are some very special memories I will cherish forever. 

Have a holiday filled with light and happiness!  Chag Sameach! 

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