Friday, November 5, 2010

Smart phone, really?

My phone has a new "trick" it likes to play on me.  When I go to check my new mail on it, it likes to tell me that I have another unread message.  

There is no new message though.  But my phone insists there is.  Of course this "message" has no sender or no subject, or no content for that matter.  

Even better? My phone likes to tell me that the emails are from 1969 (or a year long ago and far away).  

Great. There weren't even cell-phones in 1969, let alone smart phones, or emails! 

Below, I present Exhibit A: 

Maybe my phone is getting emails from that time traveling women who turned up in a youtube video last week.  You know, the one were the women in a film from the 1920s is walking down the road "talking on a cell phone."

Excuse me, while I go back to living in the present.  

1 thoughts on the matter:

Ezra said... {Reply}

If you hold the power button and slide the slider that pops up to shut the phone off completely, then restart it by holding the power button, those will go away. Just FYI.

Also mazal tov again!