Friday, November 26, 2010

Whoa this means I'll be turning 23...

10 years ago this Shabbat I became a bat mitzvah. How is that possible? Seriously, sometimes it seems like it was yesterday, but other times it seems so long ago.  

10 years ago! Wow, I was in 7th grade, still had braces, and was so young compared to now. 

I still remember that day so well. It was during Chanukah and for Friday night dinner we had kosher Chinese from Philly (since I didn't like "Jewish" food and we were having that on Saturday) and sufganiot.  

There was a magical layer of snow on the ground too which really made that weekend extra special.  I was so happy that so many family members and dear friends came from near and far that weekend, I love being with lots of family and it was so special to also be able to celebrate Chanukah together.

I read nearly all of my parshah that day and helped lead much of the service, I haven't had much of a chance to read each year, but not this year! I have the opportunity to read at Avi and Ben's shul tomorrow.
Now, hopefully 10 years later I won't look like such a dear in headlights....

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