Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello 12. Hello 13 Hello 23

Well, 23, nice to meet you and welcome to my life. 

You're following a though act, 22, but I have a feeling you can hold your own.  22 was an amazing year for me. I grew, both in height (hello 5' 5-3/4'') and in many other ways.  It was a happy year and a year with a lot of milestones. 

I am still amazed that in 23 years I went from being this tiny little person.

to being this grown and composed (most of the time) person.

There was also something very special about seeing a new life come into this world this year.  Seeing that little guy grow and change has made me want to cherish every moment in my life too, it may be harder to see as an adult (am I really one of those), but I am growing and changing daily and having new and exciting experiences each and every day.

So, here's to a year of living, loving, and laughing. Embracing every moment and not looking back. The world is my stage and today the curtain goes up on my 23rd Act - and I have a feeling this one will get some good reviews.

So 23, welcome, I think we're going to get along smashingly.

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Thx for stopping by my blog! Happy birthday !