Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's going to be a happy new year!

My 23rd birthday was a smashing success.  I really truly enjoyed each and every moment of my celebrations and smiled from ear to ear as my phone pinged with Facebook wall comment after comment.  I seriously felt the love all weekend long!
 My poppy seed cake - my favorite cake of all time - with a vanilla glaze - yumm-o!
 I had some friends over for a birthday dinner - I made chili, cornbread, and had other munchies.  My friend Melissa insisted on lighting my candles and brining them into me!
 Making my wish! I think I chose a good one!
 I had a fun realization at the gym on Sunday when I realized it was my last time telling the machine I was 22 - then of course loved telling it I was 23 for the first time!
Think it was cold enough? Look at the windchill! Insane, last year on my birthday it was way above average by DC standards and I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and light jacket - this year as many layers as I am old!
I made birthday blueberry pancakes! Just like when I was little - even used GF Bisquick! The 2 and 3 are backwards since I thought when I flipped them you'd be able to see them, I was wrong... But they were so yum! Then I went to Indian for lunch - they had my favorite pakoras! I may or may not have pigged out, but there are no calories on your birthday so it's cool!
 Nearly every day I look at the clock at 1:24, which I find awesome since my b-day is 1/24. So I like to take a picture of it on my birthday! And of course, 1:36, when I officially turned 23.  I was talking to mom on the phone, fitting. 23 years ago I was with her then too!
 One of the best birthday greetings ever! Mr. Noam and his b-day wish to me! Then I had a chance to video chat with Avi and Noam, made my day!
I had class all evening, but it was fine since I was with friends at Wheelock.  When I came home I put a candle in another slice of cake and made another birthday wish! It was the perfect ending to a fantastic birthday. So far this year is off to a great start - here's to another 364 amazing days!

3 thoughts on the matter:

Astrea said... {Reply}

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog. And happy happy birthday to you!

Vanessa Paris said... {Reply}

Happiest of birthdays to you lovely lady, your writing is beautiful as are your photos:), Vx

Chava said... {Reply}

I love your blog and I love you. I tried to post this while I was on another gmail account and blogger didn't like me. Anyway. . .I loved reading about your birthday; it sounds like you off to an amazing year.

With love,
Your 2nd mother,