Thursday, January 13, 2011

I asked Hashem for that?

Yesterday I was going through a box of my old school projects and papers.  I came across a paper from second grade.  The instructions asked each of us to write a letter to Hashem (Gd).  We could write about our selves, ask a question, ask for something, or say thank you for something.  

Then I started to read the letter.  Then I began to laugh really, really, really hard. 
After ignoring the line paying homage to my brief skateboarding phase there is the line: "Why is my ginne pigs babies taking so long?"

Besides sounding like I grew up in the sticks, which I sort of kind of did, I cannot believe I asked Gd why my guinea pig wasn't pregnant yet.  

We were a family of guinea pig owners.  There were many guinea pigs before I was born, and then there were several after.  When I was in kindergarden my sister got her own guinea pig, Nachos. 
Cute, no? This picture does a remarkable job at hiding how large of a guinea pig he was.  Word to the wise, don't name pets after fast food, it goes right to their thighs...

Then after first grade I got my own guinea pig, Ms. Guinea.  She was a petite little thing and this picture makes her look very long, but isn't she adorable? Yes I am aware I am gushing about rodents, but they are cute rodents! 
Since my parents had bred guinea pigs in the past we thought we'd give it a go with Nachos and Ms. Guinea.

So, anyway we tried to get Nachos and Ms. Guinea to become Guinea parents. Let's just say it went really, really, really, badly.
 This picture was taken after one of our breading attempts.  No, Ms. Guinea didn't climb up into the food bowl, she was shot out from under the weight of Nachos into the food bowl.  She sat their shaking until I rescued her.

I think we tried once or twice more to create a second generation of guinea piggies, but I may have come a bit concerned that Avi's pet was going to suffocate mine to death and then we'd be minus one piggie rather than plus a few piggies....
What's even more remarkable is that Ms. Guinea wasn't scared squeak-less of Nachos after the "incident." She was a sweet little thing and he was just a typical man, cute but clueless. 

So, Gd may not have helped my guinea pig get knocked-up, but I love looking back at my naivety and laughing really hard! 

Thanks to Avi for sending me some of these piggie pics!   

2 thoughts on the matter:

Jonah Rank said... {Reply}

That is a fantastic letter!

Mommy to those Special Ks said... {Reply}

Too cute!!! I hope my kids will look back at all their letters I have saved and laugh one day, because there are some really funny ones!! Your piggies were so cute!!!