Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rallying to Reaffirm Sanity

A few weeks ago I learned that Westboro Baptist Church was going to be protesting at American University, my alma mater.  WBC was going to AU to teach the students and faculty that homosexuality is sinful (AU has won awards for it's support of rights for ALL students) and to save the students from the liberal ideals and thinking of it's staff and professors.  

President Kerwin sent out a letter reaffirming that WBC's views and ideals go against those of AU.  As the day of the protest drew nearer information on civil counter protests surfaced and it was dubbed the "Rally to Reaffirm Sanity." 

Well yesterday was the big day.  Well, big day for AU.  Close to 1200 AU students, alumni, faculty, and staff turned out to counter protest the 4 WBC protestors.  Oh, yes 4.  Clearly, WBC didn't do their research and learn that AU embraces tolerance, civility, rights, and freedoms. And we AU folks don't really like it when people try to tell us our way is the "wrong" way.  

These pictures are from AU's staff photographer Jeff Watts, and they are just fantastic.  They show the love and passion that the AU community has for all people, regardless of anything! 

 This picture is wonderful. The sign in the center of the picture, the white one, has the best quote ever. It reads, "Jesus had two dads and he turned out okay."

 See the troves of people on the left? Oh yes, that is AU.  See the small crowd on the right? Those would be people looking at the 4 WBC protestors.

I'm so proud to say I am an alumni of AU.  The rally to reaffirm sanity was civil the entire day.  No one was arrested, no one tried to make a scene, or do anything rash.  AU just came together to show WBC and the DC community that we are a community that cares about everyone and believe that everyone is equal and loved!


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