Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holy moly!

Avi and I were just talking about Carla, from Top Chef, who now is running a cookie company.  We are super excited because she has gluten free cookies! But that is not what this is about! I know, what could be more awesome than Carla Hall making gluten free cookies?

Avi was trying to remember what cookie Carla cooked during the Top Chef cookie quickfire.  So I turned to google, and while I didn't find my answer I found something else.

Feast (no pun intended) your eyes on this!
Yup - this blog, my blog, came up as the 5th link on google! That is two higher than OK Magazine's recap of the Top Cheft episode!

Excuse me while I go eat a cookie in celebration!

2 thoughts on the matter:

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

I'll have to check out Top Chef! It seems like I'm missing out on a lot of good shows. :)

Rachel said... {Reply}

How exciting!!!

I am a HUGE Top Chef fan... it is the one show that I DVR, and I miss everything else. How thrilling to see your blog pop up in the Google resuls!! Congrats!