Friday, April 22, 2011

Crunchy nostalgia

I have come to the conclusion that I actually enjoy Passover.  It's spring time, everything is clean, and new, and there is a specialness in the air.  

This Passover in particular I am having these strong memories of Passovers from when I was a child.  I have always found that my memories are very sensory.  A few weeks ago when it was gorgeous outside the smell in the air just reminded me of when mom would clean for Passover, it just smelled like Spring and cleanliness.  

Another fond Passover memory is what I would love to eat every morning during chag. I would actually look forward to breakfasts of matzah farfel topped with fresh strawberries, a little bit of sugar (a real treat) and some milk.  I would even request that my mom bought extra boxes of farfel so I could eat it long after Passover was over.  Not many kids request Peasch foods after Passover, but I was so that kid.  

When I went gluten-free a few years ago we found amazing, well at least I think it's amazing, oat matzah.  At first I thought I couldn't enjoy matzah farfel on Passover mornings, but then I realized I could make my own farfel! Now, even at 23, I look forward to my Pesach breakfasts with childlike excitement.  
This morning while crunching my farfel I suddenly had this strong and vivid memory of being a little kid, sitting at our kitchen table with the Pesach tablecloth (blue vinal), the windows open, the birds chirping, and me adding extra sugar to my bowl while mom's back was turned.

I don't know why I suddenly had this memory but it was so special.  It was so simple, breakfast over Passover, and it was really special to me.  It's not everyday that I feel like a kid again, but there was just something really special about this morning.  I never thought that adding lots of strawberries to a bowl of broken up matzah pieces would made me feel like I was a little kid back in our kitchen.

4 thoughts on the matter:

Rachel said... {Reply}

I love how you wrote about being transported back to those memories. Isn't it so funny how a little thing can do that?

Makes me want to sit down and enjoy a bowl with you!

Shoshanah said... {Reply}

Passover is actually my favorite holiday too!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Yes, certain things do bring back the memories in a rush, don't they? For me, it's coffee (even though I don't drink it). Whenever I smell coffee, I remember my grandfather putting in just a drop of his coffee into my milk whenever I'd beg him to. :)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said... {Reply}

LOVE when that happens! For me, it's often, perfume, etc.