Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Heart my Pups

I am an animal lover, dogs especially.  I cannot wait until I am in a place in my life where I can have a dog of my own.  Every time I see a dog being walked in my neighborhood I seriously long for one.  But, it is without a doubt, that no matter what furry friend joins my life, the two adorable fur balls I had growing up will always have a soft special spot in my heart.  
I just of love this picture of my dad holding Sivi and Sufi soon after they joined our family as puppies.   It is one of the first "artsy" pictures I ever took, at the ripe age of 3.5.  They were so tiny, although they were never huge dogs!  They look so sweet and innocent here, although there were definitely times when they were not so innocent, like when they stole a challah of the counter or ate my bean bag chair!

Sivi and Sufi were Chanukah gifts for my sister and I when I was 4.  They were really the best little dogs.  Sufi was alive until I was 16 and Sivi lived to be 17, she was the energizer puppy! They each had such special personalities, Sufi was the dog next door, super cuddly and friendly. We joked she would show the robber the jewels and try to be his best friend.  Sivi was our guard dog, she thought she was a 150 pound Rottweiler when in reality she was a 11 pound mini-poodle.  However, underneath that tough dog exterior was a sweet loving pooch.

I still think about these two dogs every day and still miss the way they'd bark when we'd come home and how they just were so excited about life.  They truly were family members and I will treasure the memories and pictures I have of them forever.

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Simple Girl said... {Reply}

I can see that you discovered your photography gift at a young age! What really impresses me is that you were able to actually find this photo! Very Cute Puppies!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Wow... love this! I love that you have the photo and TOOK it at that age; portent of things to come. And I love the story and memories: I'm so glad you wrote them all down with this photo. You'll cherish this post forever (and I hope you can one day get another pup... or two!)

Kim said... {Reply}

Love it! Great job 3.5 year old you! They look so cuddly.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

What sweet, sweet puppies!!! I have a Labradoodle and I'm enchanted with how intelligent he is. It's so sweet that your entire childhood is filled with memories of them. Awesome photo, I'm so impressed that you took it at such a young age!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said... {Reply}

So sweet! Love it.

Nobodys Nothings said... {Reply}

those dogs are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! i love this pic. :D

Red Chestnut Photography said... {Reply}

Such cute pups Tamar! I enjoyed reading your story of how you came to have them in your family!

The Lucky Mama said... {Reply}

So cute!! Grate capture!

Team Lando said... {Reply}

This is precious - Thank you for sharing the story as well. What a talented kid!

Christina Feiler said... {Reply}

So sweet! Love that you still have this photo from when you were 3! Awesome!

Light Trigger said... {Reply}

Sweet little puppies! Great capture!

Tara said... {Reply}

Wow, they are too cute for words!

Danyelle said... {Reply}

Adorable! One of the man reasons my husband and I started houseshopping when we did was because I desperately wanted a dog and most rentals around here didn't allow them.

Digital Mom said... {Reply}

SO stinking sweet, makes me want a puppy!! must resist!

Sereina said... {Reply}

Awwww! Those puppies are super adorable!

Calvin said... {Reply}

May there always be good memories of Sivi and Sufi to lift you up when you need it...

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said... {Reply}

Goodness, Tamar! So, so sweet!