Monday, July 4, 2011

8 months old!

Happy 8 months day Noam! How can it be eight months? It really feels he was a tiny little man yesterday! He is a moving and a shaking now and the world is at his finger tips! 
He started to learn to crawl about 2 weeks ago. He took his first consecutive crawling "steps" while we were skyping two weekends ago. It was the best thing ever - being so far from Noam is really hard at times but getting to watch him hit this milestone via skype made me forget the country is between us.
He is also trying more and more table foods. After a brieft "hunger strike" he is back to tasting, trying, and feeding the dog! I think Rundi is liking this new arrangement for sure!
And Noam is such a little ham - I love seeing the pictures that Avi sends us all the time. He is growing up before our eyes and is really turning into a handsome little guy. Although, who am I kidding, he has been handsome since November 4th! 
So, happy 8 month birthday Noam! You're well on your way to the big o-n-e! Have a great day kiddo, and I promise, you'll be allowed to have lots of yummy cake on your birthday, but for now let your mommy eat her cake! 
Love you something crazy, kiddlet!

2 thoughts on the matter:

Danyelle said... {Reply}

He is so adorable! I love his look of concentration with his little tongue out as he crawls.

Sian said... {Reply}

so cute. He looks a little like his auntie x