Friday, July 1, 2011

4 years in the Empire State

Four years ago we packed up our moving truck, and then crammed the stuff that didn't fit into the truck into the car, loaded ourselves and the dog into the few spaces left in the car, and headed north for New York. Sometimes it feels like so much time has passed and other times it feels like this all happened yesterday! 
 I hadn't wanted to move from South Jersey. It was where I grew up, the only place I had ever lived, the only place I knew as home. The idea of leaving quiet South Jersey for big bustling New York scared me. I didn't know anyone there, it was a new and much bigger place, and all that change combined with not liking change on a good day made it hard for me to leave South Jersey behind.

 But, now four years later, I look back on this move and think of all the wonderful things that came out of our relocation. If we hadn't moved to NY I'd have never worked at the Alcott School where I decided I wanted to go into special education. I wouldn't have been able to work at Beth El Day Camp last summer and this summer. I wouldn't have met all the people I have met up here, the families I've babysat for, the friends we've made.

South Jersey was a wonderful place to grow up, I will always consider it home, but moving to NY was an adventure. An adventure that I cannot imagine not having traveled.  If I had to do it all again I totally would, but maybe minus the packing and unpacking all those boxes!

5 thoughts on the matter:

Vivian said... {Reply}

I love love NEW YORK. New York is life, is passion. On the other hand I agree with you about home. Noone will ever be able to take South Jersey away from you. Like noone will be able to take Colombia out of me. Happy Friday!

tinajo said... {Reply}

It was brave of you to move - and you´re right; a lot of exciting things may happen when you do.

I spent about half a day in New York when I missed my plane back to Sweden (came from DC) - and it was wonderful. Just wish I could have seen more, I´m sure I will one day. Next city will be Chicago though - only about 2 months left now, wohoo! :-)

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

I've only ever been to New York once and I loved it. In a way, it felt like Hong Kong, only much bigger. :)

Rachel said... {Reply}

Moving can be such a traumatizing thing at the time! So glad it turned out well for you... did you ever mention why you guys moved? I think the city sounds fun for awhile!

Serline said... {Reply}

Perhaps some day, you may pack up again, to leave the Big Apple for even more exotic adventures, overseas maybe?