Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things my campers say. Vol 2. Issue 2.

Z.R: Tamar, what are you doing after camp?
Me: I'm going to the gym and the dentist.
Z.R: You're very busy!

After our routine of thanking Alex and Floyd for cooking out lunch:
N.S: Why do we always say that?!

Z.A: I ate oatmeal for breakfast, that's why the bugs are biting me, they like oatmeal too!

In the midst of giving a small talk on listening and respecting our fellow campers one my campers suddenly says:
A.M-U: Aarg, I'm a pirate. - nothing like a little comedic relief! 
 A.M-U: I thought you get a lollipop after going to the doctors. I just went to the doctor (nurse) and I didn't get a lollipop!

M.B: Why do the twins always wear the same bathing suit, because I can't tell them a part when they do!

M.B: Tamar, why are you walking backwards?  It's freaking me out!

Kenny (our music guy): Should we keep on keeping on?
Z.R: No.
J.G: My knees are tired.
Me: Of what?
J.G: Of walking.

Jason: What's the largest state in America?
J.P: Scarsdale?
Jason: What's the tallest mountain in the world?
M.H: Mt. Skyscraper?
N.S: The Empire State Building?

J.P: I can't use broken cheese (while making sandwiches for a soup kitchen), because poor people don't like eating broken cheese either!

Z.A: My parents stayed up late watching Harry Potter, so I am tired today.
Me: Did you stay up with them?
Z.A: No, but I am tired from listening to them talk about it!
Z.A: I don't like watermelon, it's too spicy for me!

J.P: (After realizing he put his shoes on the wrong feet) Jesus Christ!

J.P: Try something new day is my favorite day at camp!

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